YPS All India Salon 2017  

Watch out for YPS International Salon 2018

We are working on the YPS International Salon 2018. This Salon will have 6 Digital and Print Sections with varied set of patronages to address the needs of all photographers. The Salon Fees will be very reasonable with down-to-earth fees for Early Bird payments. There will be a host of other new features and improvements as well. The Salon will be opened to public on March 15, 2018. We look forward to your participation with your friends and fellow photographers.

The YPS 35th All India Salon is successfully closed

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The Salon is now closed. We thank all the participants, sponsors and patrons who made this a great success.

Day 1 - Inaugural Function

The Salon Exhibition was held on January 13th & 14th at Chitrakala Parishath and was attended by a large number of participants and patrons. The function was presided by leading dignitaries,

  • Chief Guest : Shri. Anupam Agrawal, IPS, Director, Karnataka State Youth Empowerment Department
  • Guest of Honor : Shri. S Shivaram, Kannada film Actor, Producer, Director

The Exhibition was open for public display at 12:00 PM on January 13th, Saturday. A steady stream of visitors thronged the Exhibition Hall to appreciate the images that won Awards and Honorable Mentions. It was gratifying to note that all the winners, with no exception, submitted print ready pictures for printing and display. With the exception of few that could not be displayed due to the restrictions imposed by Chitrakala Parishath, all the remaining 62 pictures were framed and put on display. We thank Technova Imaging Systems Pvt. Ltd. for sponsoring all the prints.

On the evening of January 13th, the large open function area of Chitrakala Parishath was filled to the brim with participants, patrons and Photo Lovers and their families who took time out of their week-end to attend the Inaugural Function. All the visitors were greeted with tasty Karnataka style light tiffin before the Inaugural function started. Both the Chief Guest and Guest of Honor arrived ahead of time for the function and the YPS Salon Committee took them through the pictures on display and explained each and every photograph.

The Inauguration Function started on time with the Chief Guest, Guest of Honor, YPS President Shri. H Satish and Salon Chairman and YPS Secretary, Shri. Vikas Sastry, taking the dais by 5:30 PM. The event MC Shri. Shantaraj delighted the audience with excellent words in chaste Kannada. The Inauguration Function started with Invocation song by Shri. Girish Ananthamurthy, Director, YPS. This was followed by a brief Welcome Address by Shri. Satish, YPS President. In his speech he thanked all the participants and the Salon Committee for delivering a very high quality Salon. He also thanked the Department of Youth Services, Government of Karnataka for providing all support to the YPS for continuing its operations. This was followed by Salon Chairma's welcome address in which Shri. Manju Vikas V Sastry highlighted the legacy of All India Salons in YPS and the excellent response from the photographers and sponsors for the Salon. He profusely thanked the Salon Committee for excellent team work and display of commitment to make the Salon a success.

It was time to release the Salon Catalog. Shri. Satish, lauded the Salon Committee team for bringing out an excellent Digital Salon Catalog. Spread over 112 pages, every one of the pictures winning Awards and Honorable Mentions were displayed on a page of its own. One page was dedicated to each Jury member portraying their profile and show cased one of their pictures. For each person winning Acceptance, one of their acepted images is displayed under each section. All Youth Award winning pictures were printed on independent pages. A complete list of accepted images was also included in the Catalog. Separate pages were devoted for thanking Sponsors and supporting organizations. The Chief Guest and Guest of Honor opened the wraps on the Salon Catalog and released it by showing to the public. We thank M/s. HP Redington for sponsoring these expensive catalogs and for getting them printed in very high quality at Kolor Kode print labs.

It was time to spell out Salon Statistics and outcomes and this was done by Shri. V Madhusudana D Rao, AFIAP, Salon Committee member responsible for Salon Documentation. The statistics is also available on the Results page.

Then came the most important session that everyone was waiting for, recognizing the winners of the Salon. Again, Mr. Madhusudana D Rao, read out the names of the Medal winners and Honorable Mention winners by section. The Medals and Awards were handed over the Chief Guest, Mr. Anupam Agrawal and Mr. Shivaram. The Best Entrant winner Mr. Arjun Haarith was also present at the function to receive the award. While no one from FOTORBIT could come to collect the Best Club trophy, YPS displayed the trophy at the function.

It was heartening to see some young photographers amidst the winners including the brothers Mr. Suhas NY and Shreyas NY, Mr. Dheeraj Nanda, who would be presenting a slideshow on "Underwater Photography" on the second day of the Exhibition, Ms. Anagha Mohan and Mr. Aaditya Ranjan Ghosh, youngest award winner in the Salon. Mr. Aaditya Ranjan Ghosh, travelled all the way from Purulia, along with his parents to attend the function. We thank his parents for extending such a strong support to Aaditya. The Youth Award winners received a certificate and Manfrotto Pixie Tripods sponsored by M/s. Shrishti Digilife Pvt. Ltd.

YPS then thanked and acknowledged the services of the Salon Judges and presented them with a memento. Mr. HV Praveen Kumar who was present at the function was presented with a memento by the chief guest. The other members of the jury could not join due to their travel plans and distance.

All the awards in the Salon were sponsored by individuals and organizations. It was time for YPS to acknowledge and thank the sponsors with a token of appreciation. The sponsors were instrumental to the success of the Salon and we thank all of them once again.

Anitha Mysore
Arati Sinha
Bhagyamma D
Chandrashekar Ponnurangam
Chandrashekar Srinivasamurthy
CR Sathyanarayana
Deepak Kumar
Imtiaz Khan K
K A Suryaprakash
Kiran Kumar R
K M B Prasad
K S Rajaram
Mamatha Srivathsa
M N Jayakumar
M S Kakade
Prasanna Venkatesh G
Satish H
Vinay K
Vivek R Sinha
Olympic Sporting Co.
Srishti Digilife Pvt. Ltd.
Technova Imaging
HP Redington

Following this YPS thanked all the Salon Committee Members and presented them with a token of appreciation.

Mr. Shantharaju then invited Mr. Anupam Agrawal to speak. In his speech, Mr. Anupam Agrawal praised YPS for conducting and excellent Salon as well as encouraging youth to participate. He assured all support to YPS from the Department of Youth Services to make the services reach more photographers. He congratulated all the participants and winners.

Speaking after him, Mr. Shivaram, spoke in his usual style mixed with subtle comedy. He appreciated all the Youth Photographers and how they could achieve at such young age. He thanked YPS for inviting hoim to the function.

YPS then presented Mr. Anupam Agrawal and Mr. Shivaram with framed 12"x18" canvas print photographs as tokens of appreciation. Mr. Murali Santhanam, Salon Secretary delivered Vote of Thanks.

Day 2 - Exhibition & Slideshows

This year, YPS decided to keep Day 2 equally eventful, by organizing to talk-shows on photography along with the photo exhibition. This attracted lots of photo lovers to the event keeping the Exhibition Hall full all the time.

Underwater Photography by Mr. Dheeraj Nanda and Mr. Nandakumar

Both Mr. Nandakumar and his two sons Ritesh Nanda and Dheeraj Nanda, have been doing underwater photography for many years now. Mr. Nandakumar is about to complete around 500 dives while Dheeraj Nanda, just 17 years, has already completed 100 dives. Please check their profiles on the YPS Website. The slideshow started at 11:30 AM and went on for 2 hours with the entire audience glued to their seats mesmerized by the colorful pictures from below the surface and by the amount of details about these life forms that the young boy and his father provided.

At the end of the program, Satish recognized Mr. Nandakumar with a YPS Gift while Mr. Dheeraj Nanda was presented with a memento by the young Best Entrant of the Salon, Mr. Arjun Haarith. Mr. Kiran Poonacha was so impressed that he went and joined them for a group photo.

Nature Photography by Mr. Kiran Poonacha

Everyone had to rush back from lunch for another much-awaited slideshow by Mr. Kiran Poonacha. Kiran Poonacha needs no introduction to Nature Photographers. Coming from the hill station of Coorg, Kiran Poonacha always had the love for Wild Life, in particular Birds. He transformed into a photographer, when his wife presented him with a camera. Since then he had never stopped clicking. Mr. Kiran Poonacha's Bird Pictures and in particular Raptor pictures demonstrate outstanding story-telling value and that is what he intended to explain the audience.

We did not know how the next hour passed by. Slide after slide, the audience were treated with mesmerizing pictures. And Kiran went about explaining what went in his mind while he shooted those pictures. The angles of shots were unique, the timing was impeccable, the background and color reproduction was outstanding and he seemed to know how to make the birds to dance to his tunes. He ended his slideshow with some outstanding Hummingbird images shot at Costa Rica. We all felt sorry that the slideshow ended.

Mr. Chandrasekar Srinivasamurthy, Treasurer, YPS, presented Mr. Kiran Poonacha with a memento.

The evening crowd started coming in keeping the hall filled with enthusiasts till end of the day. The Exhibition was wound up at 6:30PM and with that the Salon entered the closing phases.

We hope you enjoyed participation in the Salon !

We look forward to see you in our next Salon !

- YPS 35th All India Digital Salon Committee

YPS 35th All India Digital Salon

YPS 35th All India Digital Salon 2017 is an All-Digital salon with plenty of awards to win. This year we have also opened a Youth Section to encourage budding young photographers.


Salon Results have been published. Please check the Results Page.

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Use the same Login-ID and Password used for uploading pictures, to login again. Click on My Results and see how each of your pictures has performed.

Salon Dates

Last Date for submission of entries December 14, 2017 Submission will automatically cease at midnight. Submissions through email/posts will not be judged.
Judging Date December 16 - 17, 2017 Venue: JP Nagar Cultural Association.
Announcement of Results December 25, 2017 The results of the salon will be posted on the salon website. Each entrant would also receive an email intimation of the same.
Exhibition Date January 13 - 14, 2018 Venue: Chitrakala Parishath, No.1, Art Complex, Kumara Krupa Rd, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001
Catalog Release January 14, 2018 A digital catalog will be hosted on the website.


The 35th YPS All India Salon Catalog was released during the Inaugural Function of the Salon Exhibition on January 13, 2018. You can download the high resolution Salon Catalog as personal souvenir or flip through the catalog like a physical book.


General Awards

YPS Silver 1
YPS Bronze 1
Honorable Mention - Rajalakshmi Hegde Best Still Life 1
Honorable Mention - Rural Life in Color 1
Honorable Mention - Color Abstract / Pattern / Blur 1
Honorable Mention - Best Landscape 1
Honorable Mention - TIGER Murali Memorial Color Digital Creation 1
Honorable Mention - Savithramma Memorial Color Portrait 1
Honorable Mention - Sunrise/Sunset 1
Honorable Mention - Sports in Color 1
Honorable Mention - Fireworks in memory of Smt. Susheelamma Anantharamu 1
Honorable Mention - Colors in Nature in memory of K R Anantha Ramu 1

FIP GOLD - Vista 1
YPS Silver 1
YPS Bronze - Mayur Polepalli Memorial Award 1
Honorable Mention - Kilar Subbarao Hegde Monochrome Portait 1
Honorable Mention - Magic of B + W 1
Honorable Mention - Light & Shade 1
Honorable Mention - Magic of B+W 1
Honorable Mention - Rural Life in B+W 1
Honorable Mention - Back-lit Magic 1
Honorable Mention - Digital Creation 1
Honorable Mention - Magic of B+W 1
Honorable Mention - Monuments in Black and White 1
Honorable Mention - Clouds, Fog, Smoke 1

FIP GOLD - TNA Perumal Best in Nature 1
BookMyLens YPS Silver 1
BookMyLens YPS Bronze 1
Honorable Mention - Best Animal in Habitat 1
Honorable Mention - Best Bird Portrait 1
Honorable Mention - Best Bird Behavior 1
Honorable Mention - Best Bird in Action 1
Honorable Mention - BookMyLens - Awesome Nature 1
Honorable Mention - BookMyLens - Nature in Action 1
Honorable Mention - BookMyLens - Awesome Nature 1
Honorable Mention - Awesome Nature 1
Honorable Mention - Macro - Mayur Polepalli Memorial Award 1
Honorable Mention - Night Life 1

YPS Silver 1
YPS Bronze 1
Honorable Mention - BookMyLens - Beautiful Places 1
Honorable Mention - BookMyLens - Cityscape 1
Honorable Mention - Culture and Festivals 1
Honorable Mention - Beautiful Places 1
Honorable Mention - Artisans & Performers 1
Honorable Mention - Beautiful Places 1
Honorable Mention - Locations in the night 1
Honorable Mention - Natural Wonders 1
Honorable Mention - Beautiful Places 1
Honorable Mention - Local Sports 1

Youth Awards

Youth Award 3
Youth Award 3
Youth Award 3
Youth Award 3

Overall Awards

TNA Perumal Best Participant Award 1

Contest Calendar

Submission End Date : December 14, 2017

Judging : December 16 - 17, 2017

Results : December 25, 2017

Exhibition : January 13 - 14, 2018

Catalogue Release: January 14, 2018

Contest Host

Salon Chairman: Mr. Manju Vikas Sastry, sastry.vikas@gmail.com, 99452-44055
Salon Secretary: Mr. Murali Santhanam, murali.santhanam@yahoo.co.in, 94813-69204

Youth Photographic Society Bengaluru
TT Hall, 3rd Floor,
State Youth Centre of Karnataka,
Nrupathanga Road, Bengaluru - 560001.
Email: salon@ypsbengaluru.com

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