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Only persons less than 18 years of age can register under this category. Youth Photographer can participate free of cost and can upload under all sections. Photos uploaded by Youth will only be considered for YOUTH Awards.

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General Awards

FIP Gold - COLOR Best Award 1
COLOR Second Award 1
COLOR Third Award 1
Honorable Mention - Rajalakshmi Hegde Best Still Life 1
Honorable Mention - Rural Life in Color 1
Honorable Mention - Color Abstract / Pattern / Blur 1
Honorable Mention - Best Landscape 1
Honorable Mention - TIGER Murali Memorial Color Digital Creation 1
Honorable Mention - Savithramma Memorial Color Portrait 1
Honorable Mention - Sunrise/Sunset 1
FIP Gold - MONOCHROME Best Award by Vista 1
MONOCHROME Second Award 1
MONOCHROME Third Award 1
Honorable Mention - Kilar Subbarao Hegde Monochrome Portait 1
Honorable Mention - Bokehs & Flares in B + W 1
Honorable Mention - Light & Shade 1
Honorable Mention - Streetlife 1
Honorable Mention - Rural Life in B+W 1
Honorable Mention - Back-lit Magic 1
Honorable Mention - Digital Creation 1
FIP Gold - NATURE Best Award - TNA Memorial Best Butterfly 1
BookMyLens - NATURE Second Award 1
BookMyLens - NATURE Third Award 1
Honorable Mention - Best Animal in Habitat 1
Honorable Mention - Best Bird Portrait 1
Honorable Mention - Best Bird Behavior 1
Honorable Mention - Best Bird in Action 1
Honorable Mention - BookMyLens - Flora 1
Honorable Mention - BookMyLens - Nature in Action 1
Honorable Mention - BookMyLens - Nature Under Water 1
Honorable Mention - Nature Conservation Award 1
FIP Gold - TRAVEL Best Award - In memory of Eminent Travel Photographer 1
TRAVEL Second Award 1
TRAVEL Third Award 1
Honorable Mention - BookMyLens - Street Photography 1
Honorable Mention - BookMyLens - Cityscape 1
Honorable Mention - Culture and Festivals 1
Honorable Mention - Beaches 1
Honorable Mention - Artisans & Performers 1

Youth Awards

MONOCHROME Youth Award 3

COLOR Youth Award 3

NATURE Youth Award 3

TRAVEL Youth Award 3

Overall Awards

Best Participant Award 1

Best Participating Club Award 1

Contest Calendar

Submission End Date : December 14, 2017

Judging : December 16 - 17, 2017

Results : December 25, 2017

Exhibition : January 13 - 14, 2018

Catalogue Release: January 14, 2018

Contest Host

Salon Chairman: Mr. Manju Vikas Sastry, sastry.vikas@gmail.com, 99452-44055
Salon Secretary: Mr. Murali Santhanam, murali.santhanam@yahoo.co.in, 94813-69204

Youth Photographic Society Bengaluru
TT Hall, 3rd Floor,
State Youth Centre of Karnataka,
Nrupathanga Road, Bengaluru - 560001.
Email: salon@ypsbengaluru.com

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Youth Photographic Society

Youth Photographic Society (YPS) Bengaluru, the hosts for this contest, is a not-for-profit organization started in 1971 to further the Art of Photography. With over 400 members, YPS is among the largest Photography Clubs in India and also boasts of hosting 43 National and International Salons. It has been nurtured by doyens of Indian Photography like Late Mr. T N A Perumal, Late Mr. E Hanumantha Rao and Late Mr. C Rajagopal. The club conducts regular slideshows on every first and third saturday of the month, alongside exhibitions and workshops, for the benefit of its members.

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